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Construction of Concrete Block Retaining Walls with Steps

It is recommended to use a mortar of 1 cement or 1 lime: 6 sand or 1 cement: 5 sand plus water thickener. If the retaining wall is reinforced with steel bars, then cell should be cleaned from the first course using proper means and techniques.

Frank L Simoncini DO FACOS on Instagram: Happy to have

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Beginners Basics mouldmaking and casting explained

An average silicone will need a recommended 24hrs to properly cure, though there are some special fastcuring ones which usually cost a little more. Once cured the mould can be used. The most common way of making a cast is to fill the mould with a liquid which changes into a solid, as is the case with resins or plaster.

Sicilian gelatostyle ice cream ICE CREAM NATION

Thanks for your brilliant website. Having fun and getting full simply by reading. My attempt at this Sicilian gelatostyle ice cream is in the freezer. I used the suggested 3 level tblspns cornflour with 500ml cream and 200ml milk. It thickened instantly to a custard I could use for trifle or to concrete the driveway